There is some company who show all depth of market?

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  1. Hello, I trade with volume but I use too the order flow tools, and I know that my platform doesn't show me all the depth of the market and for this I don't give much weight to this, but. There is a company who shows all the limits putted in the market or nearly to show all? Thanks you:D

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    Rithmic provides full Depth of Market. You can see on their own platforms, and/or 3rd party platforms like SIerra, MotiveWave, Multicharts, etc. I hope this helps.
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  3. SkyChef


    Sierra Chart with Denali Exchange Data Feed.
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    in general, greater depth of market ---> pay more for data subscription.
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    Yes the Denali Exchange Data Feed with Sierra Charts shows a full depth of market. We just set up a client that needed a full depth of market as well . Denali Exchange Data Feed provides 500 levels of depth data. Here is more information on the subscription