There is so much money out there waiting to be invested in Forex

Discussion in 'Forex' started by ElectricSavant, Mar 19, 2006.

  1. The accredited investors are lining up waiting to get in....from all over the world. Companies and institutions are even more interested than ever to get their dollars diversified into currency speculation...

    Just incredible...
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  3. Surdo


  4. Surdo


    He sure looks like he was baked glancing at his risk management!
  5. but



    he could double your money!!!...isn't that all that matters? orrrr..wait he didn't double your money...errr...ok but next time...

    stick with "cooking"

  6. Michael,

    Where do you get this info from ?
  7. I guess I have just been so motivated lately, maybe I spoke for the entire industry when I had no right to. There seems to be no shortage of accredited investors and institutions in my small world.

    As the shrinking ranges in Futures continue it seems there is a hunger for managers that can produce reasonable yields with low drawdowns consistently.

    As the other products become lower yielding there seems to be an exodus over to the growing market of currencies. I have read that the prognosis is for further growth...The source I cannot remember but this fact is well known in the "management of money" circles.

    Michael B.

  8. I can't open the link, but I am trading real money...which really is not the point of this thread.

    It's just that currencies are very rewarding and trend very clean...

    Michael B.

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