There is no

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  1. "housing crash

    there is no mortgage crash

    there is no impending market crash

    there is no impending hyper inflation"

    I agree with you.

    "they at least get their inspiration from real things"

    True, yes they do. The media's inspiration comes from prior old news clipping, magazine articles, things the media has decided to re hash.
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    Are you guys dating? Where is the rehash? Can you point for little old me? :D

    Show me where the "articles from the past" are that they're using to predict that "in the future" the mortgage market will cause a recession.

    Thanks, I'll be back with popcorn...this should be good!
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  5. The meltdown is real. But it is contained in Certain Regions of the US, in certain cities. It is not wide spread. In fact the Southern Region is seeing a serious Bull Market and it will continue to absorb all the money that is flowing in from the "melt down" areas.

    South Texas is projected to grow 12% in RE alone, not counting Commerical Development and "Ranch Land" development.

    Other key area's are not imploding and some are staying around Flat.

    So, is it a "Nation Wide Meltdown". No, not even with the Sub-Primes.

    Just like in "Trading", to play the Monoploy game, you go where there is Liquidity and Growth. Those who did not see this coming years ago, (the RE players) are much like those who still trade the majority of US investment vehicals with penny spreads. They are Behind the Curve and are now paying the price.

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    EMR, Where is your information pointing to the fact that this isn't going to be a countrywide problem?

    What are these key areas you're speaking of? Where in the "south" specifically...that's like saying that Western Europeans have healthy economies. Does that sound banal enough to you?

    I don't think subprimes will cause a nationwide meltdown...but I do think they will contribute.

    I'll be waiting for one of you guys who are convinced there is no meltdown to give some facts relating to there "NOT" being a coming meltdown.
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  7. "Show me where the "articles from the past" are that they're using to predict that "in the future" the mortgage market will cause a recession."

    It doesn't have to be linear or direct. I said, "inspiration".
    The media can make the link/facts/stats fit. Spin.
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    That makes even less sense than what I had imagined.

    You can make anything make fit like links/facts/stats if a non-linear factoidal plane. See? :D
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  9. Another totally useless but entertaining thread on ET! :D

    Keep babbling, fellas!
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