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  1. “Not sure if this is on your radar, but a Goldman trader took a $1B (yes, that is $1 Billion) position in a sub-prime mortgage index last week. He was fired today after the position suffered a roughly 35% decline. I can’t verify if it was closed out yet, but the loss thus far stands at about $350M. Talk about a bad week.”

    This trader also just put out a $100 price target on NEW.


    (I hope you notice the complete and utter sarcasm that I'm trying to create)
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  2. Surely you can't mean CNBC?!? The Perma Bull cheerleaders? The bottom-calling pumpers? The only other network that's as blatant with their views is FOX News.

    Neither Republican nor Democrat...neither Bull nor Bear. It's just a momentum game dude....get on the right side or get out of the way.
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    When the professional traders hear about something it is time to sell :)
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    A good case could be made that the are underselling the bad news.
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  5. .... AND..... THERE IS NOT RISK!!!!!!!!!!

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    hahaha. markets ALWAYS GO UP!

    hy stockrtad3r....why dont you post a blotter to see if you actually even have an accout?

    ill bet you have never bought a single really dont have a clue what you are doing.
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  7. someone needs to teach him that he can make money on the downside too! after learning this ancient chinese secret, all his posts will be extreme bearism, watch.
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  8. SAN FRANCISCO (MarketWatch) - Accredited Home Lenders said Tuesday it has received and paid $190 million in margin calls from its financial backers this year and is looking to raise fresh capital and negotiate waivers on some of its lending covenants.
    Accredited shares slumped 65% to close at $3.97 on Tuesday

    "With the company now facing an extremely challenging environment for the sector (very low secondary market liquidity, tough warehouse lenders, no access to capital), we think Accredited may have considerably difficulty staving off this liquidity crisis," Brendler warned.

    Accredited said Tuesday that its available cash has been drained by margin calls under its warehouse and repurchase agreements, as well as ongoing loan repurchases. It has met all of the margin calls and has paid to buy back all the loans, the company said.

    short position increased by 71% overall in the last 2 trading days. crisis at all. You are George Soros.
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  9. Since I created my thread the market has had one of its best weeks in years and has rebounded almost to the pre-feb levels

    Pays to be patient and not buy into the doom and gloom media hype
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    Are you trying out for a job with CNBC? I heard you can just be a floating head of fat and smiles now. Pays well enough. You've got the rhetorical denial without explanation or intelligence locked. :D
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