There is no such thing as efficient alternative energy

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  1. and there never will be, period.

    All those companies who are looking for fundings for their alternative energy theories are just fucking scams, this whole green earth shit is part of it, if this planet is really dieing there is no way we can stop it.
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    Looks like you for one have given up already and the party is only just started !!
    Bring on solar electricity and hydrogen for vehicles
  3. Though alternative they are not efficient.
  4. Trial lawyers are a form of alternative energy, fer instance.

    Party A litters on ground, Party B walks by and does not pick up the litter. Alternative energy trial lawyers of America known as Party C sues Party B to pick up the litter.

    You may ask, "Why doesn't Party C sue Party A?" Good question, Watson. Party B has the money.
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    Nicely done, Nutmeg! :D
  6. Thanks.
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    Could only happen in you know where AND they would probably win. Makes you think the judge was probably bought. Money talks in that place.
  8. That is something you have accepted as true, though it is not, and has not been proven to be.

    I know you used the word usually, but it is not even usually true, it is sometimes true. Plus humans usually set their mind on things that can be achieved within their life span, hardly anyone wants to not see the result of their work.
  9. hardly anyone wants to not see the result of their work.


    Old men father kids, plant fruit trees. Results are relative. Your statement assumes everyone is self centered, not true.
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    Solar is not efficient? It's free after initial costs. The way we waste energy is inefficient.... for cooling, a shaded house won't get hot, not even in the desert.. do we build shades over our houses or do we run central air? Double walls with air circulating to cool the space between would do it for any and all buildings regarding cooling. Building houses on thicker slabs with air circulation built into the slab will keep a house nice and cool in the Mojave desert for $40 a month in electricity, you run a squirrel cage fan at night to cool the slab and it cools the house all day, do we build houses like that? [the answer is no]... Just blocking the infra red component of sunlight would keep houses from heating in the sunlight, do we build some beautiful IR blocking glass enclosures around our buildings or do we run the AC [we run the AC]

    Boats are prime candidates for Stirling engines, they need to be heated on one side and cooled on the other, you build a boat with a Stirling engine, half cooled by the water and half heated by solar reflectors and your boat motor would be pretty efficient. Do we build these things? [the answer is no]

    Could we use solar energy to break the hydrogen-oxygen bond of water to get hydrogen for fuel? Perhaps, if we used the heat component of sunlight to heat the water and the other spectrum to produce electricity from solar cells which was converted to RF to additionally produce the hydrogen from water we might get some free energy, free is pretty efficient in anybody's book.
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