"There is no spoon" -- an extreme opinion on gold in an obscure blog

Discussion in 'Commodity Futures' started by Iron Dog, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Iron Dog

    Iron Dog

    Speaking of bail-out packages and quantitative easying: "I would like to note that generally speaking, one can extinguish a fire with kerosene. It depends on the amount of kerosene. If one pours a hundred liters of kerosene on just one liter that's burning, it's quite likely that the flame will be beaten off. [...] I don't eliminate a possibility that the USA will overcome this stage of the crisis as well, and will create another one..."

  2. Hey Iron Dog, good link, interesting article!

    When it comes to gold, it's best to take a metaphysical view, in my opinion:


    Because if you don't, it's very difficult to figure out how exactly the precious metal is being manipulated. And we know it is.

    Of course, silver is even worse! :D

    So much for efficient markets and other hypotheses. I call it "clean models vs dirty hands" :D