There is NO other Shoe to Drop!

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  1. There is NO other Shoe to Drop!

    Abbey Joseph got fired.
    BSC got waisted.
    Banks got bailed out.
    We had double 9:1 last week.

    These are all clear markings of a major bottom (taken together).

    Watch the market shrug off the most recent S&P downgrade this monday.

    Most importantly, there is no more major bad news expected.

    Barring a freak accident (one country nuking another, etc.), we will have a nice bull run for at least a month.
  2. GSH1976


    Did you expect BSC to implode?
  3. No, but some company was expected to blow up. Not anymore, at least much less likely. *Edit*
  4. got a reference for ajc losing her job.
  5. I'm thinking the LEH and Goldman Sacs review by S&P might be another shoe: at least on Sunday night/Monday morning.
  6. She didn't get fired. In fact, it looks like she got a promotion.

    "Ms. Cohen remains at Goldman as the most senior member of the investment-strategy team, working on broad global issues. She becomes president of Goldman's Global Markets Institute and senior investment strategist. "
  7. Ohh my ET FRIEND. The next shoe to drop is "MASSIVE" regulations over the "STOCK MARKET". Get ready for the kill zone.

    GovIdiots are meeting as we speak to talk about "Regulation" on Stock Markets. Get ready for xnay on Margin accounts for Joe Public Trader.

    Get ready for the UPTICK rule to come back. Get ready for a mini funding amount of 20k or higher on JOE PUBLIC trading.

    The end of the "Day trader" is near.

    Thanks to our socalist govidiots who bail out bullshit banks but will kill the "TRADER" as we know him.
  8. "Fired" was not factual. Let's just say that she got pushed aside for her S&P500 @ 1675 in 2008.
  9. how many S+P points is it worth the day that re-institution of the uptick rule gets announced ??? :)
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