There is no heaven no hell

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  1. would not trust the gods, would not trust the demons.To be completely free of hell,to be completely free of heaven.
  2. Heaven or hell is just your mind taking inventory(clear or not so clear consciousness) when it is your time to die.
    Gods or demons are for feeble minds not able to stand on their own.
  3. All churches beat the devil well, but they are very careful not to kill him! he is useful.
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    Good luck on your gamble.
  5. Funny thing about christians, their so called God created this massively complex place called the universe and get this, he'll reward the most idiotic, ignorant piece of shit who obeys him but punish those who doubt his existence while exploring through the intricacies of math and physics to figure it all out.

    At the end of the day, religion is pure idiotic bullshit for the meek to give their lives meaning.
  6. I was an alter boy as a child and I can remember being in church one day thinking to myself, if God is perfect, then why does he need me to worship him? Isn't that sort of narcissistic? Also, if God gave me free will, then why is it that if I break his rules I receive eternal damnation? That's not free will, that's duress.

    So naturally, I posed these questions to my parents and that heralded the end of my alter boy career and church attendance.
  7. it's good that you figured it out early on before the priest had a chance to molest you.
  8. Was raised Eastern Orthodox. In order to be a priest in that religion you actually had to be married. Oddly enough, there are no molestation issues within that particular church (that I am aware of). Go figure.
  9. being married takes the pressure off (so to speak)
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    1. there is a lot of misunderstanding about Jesus' teaching on hell. When Jesus talks about gehanna... some argue it was about a national Judgement.

    2. There is almost nothing about hell in the old testament... and Jesus teaching on hell seems to be very misinterpreted by most Protestants and Catholics.

    I am not sure of this but some argue that gehenna is really a place outside the walls of the city where they burned garbage... and Jesus was warning of a national Judgment when speaking about gehenna. Which may have happened in AD 70.

    All the talk of dante type hell seems to run contrary to much of his teaching... Jesus spoke of the prodigal son being welcomed back. Jesus spoke of those who get hired to work the vineyard at sunset still get a full days pay. I think those who harp on the hell part of Jesus' message are missing the point. T

    he message should be that Jesus will always take you in to fold... but don't call yourself a Christian unless you are sure... because Jesus reserved his toughest messages for those who pretended to love God for personal gain or got in the way of others getting to know God.


    I knew two acquaintances who become priests... They were both married within 7 years. They could not handle the vows. In fact one told stories of how very attractive women would sort of flirt with them in ways they would not flirt with most men because they were supposed to be safe.

    In a way the vows screen out most of the normal people. Only the true believers and the wackos are left.
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