There is no financial regulations in wall street.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by fanews, May 8, 2011.

  1. fanews


    It's investors and traders beware.

    Trade and invest at your own risk at the entrance door.

    Beware of murdurers, cut throats,criminals, liars, con-men, and theives in wall street.

    There is no HONOR among theives!

    Come at your own risk.

    The SEC doesn't care and is just for show.

    And tell munger to complain to congress or senate and not complain to a the media. The media is controlled by wall street spinners.

    Loser complain and hedge funds and winners get investigated and monitored. Brokers will steal your code if you make money or front run your trades AND trade against you. Wall street is a zero sum game or negative sum game. It cost billions just to keep the operation open.

    Wall street burns 20 billion per year that is the cost to keep the door open. SEC alone cost traders and taxpayers 500 million per year.

    Even 500 million/year is not enough. SEC doesn't have the resources to handle so much crime in wall street.
  2. It's called survival of the fittest. Or in this case survival of the stealthiest.
  3. It's never been any different.
  4. newwurldmn


    Whereever there is a potential for a lot of money, there is a lot of shadiness.
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    Well said. The market hasn't changed a bit, regardless of the thievery. It's always been around and always will be around.