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  1. wildchild


    It really does not get anymore clear cut than this.

    New York Times Oct 29, 1992

    President Bush smiled when he learned this week that economic growth during the third quarter reached a surprising 2.7 percent, almost twice the previous rate. But his smile shouldn’t be broad. The new figure almost certainly exaggerates the health of the economy, which continues to creep along at a painfully slow pace. Even the 2.7 figure is half the normal rate of recovery and not enough to bring down unemployment.

    New York Times Oct 27, 2012

    The slow pace of the nation’s economic recovery has picked up a bit lately. In the third quarter, the economy grew at an annual rate of 2 percent, beating expectations and the dismal 1.3 percent growth in the second quarter. Over the past year, the growth rate has been 2.3 percent. At that pace, there’s enough momentum to keep unemployment, currently 7.8 percent, from getting much worse.
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    Expectations under this president are much lower than for previous presidents. It's time to get back to normal and grow America.
  3. lets just say obama is being graded on a curve.
  4. Seeing Obama loons cheer every turd this administration makes reminds me of a mother potty training her toddler.
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    isn't that pretty much what AA is all about?
  6. wildchild


    Obama has received As for doing C work his entire life.