There is no and never was

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  1. inflation.

    It is just a bunch of nonsense. Bond yields are lower than ever. People spending, consumer spending, companies spending is all in-line with 3.9% economic growth. Nothing has changed between now and last year, according to BLS. Nothing is different. All of this recent commodity price spikes are nothing but speculation caused by speculators. So called "street-level" inflation is void of any concrete evidence, and even if it did core CPI would still be 0.8. Anyone that says there is inflation or inflationary pressure is trying to scare you out of cash or going gold. If you do fall for their fear tactics you will take alot of money out of your savings account and borrow like a loser
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    Yep my health insurance just went up another 10% year over year. No inflation though. That's great!
  3. Bond yields are the tell for everything. Dollar is not finished because there has been no flight from bonds.