There is no and never was

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  1. a liquidty or credit crunch.

    It is just a bunch of nonsense. M&A deals are stronger than ever. People spending, consumer spending, companies spending. Nothing has changed between now and last year. Nothing is different. All of this crunch and crisis is speculation without any concrete evidence of any actual serious problems. Anyone that says there is a crunch or a crisis is trying to scare you into selling or going short. If you do fall for their fear tactics you will leave alot of money on the table and be a loser
  2. I'll jump on the grenade. If anyone else responds to this, they are an idiot.
  3. Financial publications and outlets keep mentioning a credit crunch to scare retail investors into selling so that stocks can go lower and they can buy at a cheaper price.

    It is like the anthrax scare in 2001. There were only three incidents but everyone If caused a lot of undue panic. Or the pet food china situation a few months ago A few cats died but overall it was hardly an issue.
  4. OK. So Hank and Ben and Chuck and Lloyd just got together for lunch for craps and giggles. Phew! Thanks for setting us straight.
  5. *sigh* it does make you wonder why he keeps talking, when he has nothing to say. Glutton for punishment, maybe?
  6. lol


    No problems, right! That's why you can go to Florida and buy properties for 50 cents on the dollar.

    That's why foreclosures keep rising. Credit card debt keeps going higher. 2/3 of the economy is consumer spending. Why are most retailers seeing crappy sales --- no $$$ for many consumers to spend. Instead many are now heading to their local WalMart because they can buy cheaper crap there. With less and less spendable income they have to forgo things they formerly bought.

    Gas, food, heating costs go higher. The average US consumer can't afford their SUV's let along put gas in them. Those same people have sucked all the equity out of their homes that they can after refinancing so they had more spendable $$$. Now they have nothing left to bleed --- unless they start tapping into 401K plans --- which some are actually doing.

    One day you might understand something about the economy and how it's linked to the markets. But only after you get at least a GED.
  8. You don't need no GED to be a trader, right?
  9. I'm with you stock_trad3r. There has never been a crash that everyone knew was coming, ever.

    We both are buy and hold investors so we pretty much enjoy grabbing a few stocks that we wanted to own for a long time. The more they drop the better. But we have to respect the trader's perspective who is dependent on crunching the minute-to-minute market psychology. It's his version of making money.
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