There is more to this right?

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  1. This guy was helping aid a getaway right?

    <a href="">man gets 15 months in federal prison for aiming a laser pointer at a helicopter</a>
  2. Why would there be more?

    A few years ago some kids almost crashed a commercial airliner using a bunch of laser lights because they thought it was funny.

    Fuck him for being a retarded jackass.
  3. I'm sorry, without evidence or a reference I can't believe something like that. I'm not saying its not true, im just saying it sound like your last name is "soapdish" :)
  4. Here's another one:

    maybe the kids were a front for the parents, maybe the government is just ruining all the fun. :(

    <a href=""> The war on lemonade stands just moved to pumpkins</a>
  5. LOL. "Soapdish" Lang reporting-


  6. It appears that people have written about this, and obviously if someone is shining anything in a pilots face (including flashing breasts or anything else) it could cause a crash.

    It seems odd that all these lasers are green. A blue laser is a burning laser where a red laser is a reading laser, as far as cds are concerned anyway. But I still don't see how a pilot way up in the sky can be affected by this. The Green laser must somehow be more powerful or something.

    Anyway, thanks for the articles. At least now I have some evidence to look into, and some curiosity of green lasers to keep my brain occupied.
  7. Those laser pointers when they are pointed at something metal or glass far enough away, when they hit that object the light scatters all over the place. It doesnt just stay a focused green dot. I remember I was playing with a laser pointer way out in the mountains where it was pitch black. I was shining the laser pointer all over the place, then I pointed it at a sign that was about 300 feet away or so and i was surprised when the whole sign lit up as if I was shining a large flashlight at it. (my laser pointer was red though, not green)

    Anyways...That guy likely pointed the laser pointer at the helicopter for some time...probably a few minutes. How else would they have found him? You shine a light at any motorized vehicle (plane,helicoptor or car) then you are endangering them. 15 months seems a bit excessive though. 30 days would've been more than enough to teach him a lesson.