There is but one correct method

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  1. There is but one correct method of trading for the retail trader.

    1. Keep losses small. (Never risk more than 2% of Total Liquid Net Worth on any one trade/idea.)

    2. Let winners run using stops outside the noise.

    3. Keep commissions small

    4. Don't scale in or scale out.

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  3. These 4 points are essential.
  4. Good advice.
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    The only correct method for winning at golf is to shoot more birdies and eagles.
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    These 4 rules of yours are from the Stone Hedge fund
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    The number of your posts is a fibonacci number.
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    SamGold in Gematria 426,maybe it means smth for you
  9. Define "run" and "noise".
  10. I was under the impression that the only correct way to trade was the Jack Hershey Method.
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