There Is Absolutely NO VALUE To High Frequency Trading

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  2. I wish each person who wants to chime in on this were required as the first step to define what they think HFT is. It sounds like from Cuban's rants, you could expand his opinion to be about all "traders". But of course, he doesn't waste time explaining his definitions and evidence. Just skip right that conclusion that everyone wants to hear.
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  4. 1) Mark Cuban, isn't "Cuban". :eek:
    2) Angelina Jolie's opinion on the subject wouldn't garner as much "publicity". :p
  5. mark cuban = guy who made some dumb simple worthless (yes, worthless) website, and stupid yahoo made him super rich (he hit the dotcom lottery).

    and now im supposed to listen to this guy like he knows stuff?

    hahahah :p thats a good one.

    now if elon musk had an opinion, i might listen. :D
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    Who knows.... people seem to care about a playmate's medical opinion on vaccines

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    Eh... he managed to keep the money. Remember all those dot-com billionaires who didn't cash out? Neither do I.

    Like I said - I think he's a smart guy. But that doesn't mean he's an expert in all things.

  8. i didnt say he is stupid. but his market opinions are just uneducated rants. now if i had a question about html code, i might value his input.
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    I believe that Cuban views himself as a Renaissance man
  10. Actually I think HFT trading is a good thing for the market. It exposes the market for what it really is GREED. More just for the sake of more. The technology can be acquired by anyone who has access to the net and a computer. The level of sophistication is the difference between winning or losing in the market. The only ones who are complaining about are the ones who not mastered the technology. Look up predictive analytics or cliometrics if you have the time. Still waiting for the BRIC takeover of the whole planet.

    Post modern world = new dark ages,

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