There is a rumor on the street: A Prop Trading firm will go out of bussiness

Discussion in 'Prop Firms' started by newbie2010now, May 19, 2011.

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  1. Hi Guys:

    There is a rumor that a big prop trading firm is going out of business in the next couple of days most likely over the weekend. I asked around and i know it is Not T3 and it is not Dimension and it is not Hold brothers.

    I have friends in these prop trading firms and they said every thing is as usual in those firms. (As usual means most of the traders lose and only couple make money which is pretty normal !)

    Any one has a solid info who might be that firm?

    Please do not spread false info, You must have a credible info.
  2. Goldman
  3. i said a prop trading firm, not USA government !

  4. I got two private message from scorpion, posting FYI! Now i have a question for you Mr . Polite!

    Why did you take this so personal? Chill our bro.If you think ET is piss of shit then why are you here so late? And also do you think is it so important for the media that a tier 2 or tier10 prop trading firm shutting down? They have more important news to follow like head of IMF chasing a maid to get ....!

    1- scorpion

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    how do you hear a rumor & not the know the firm? you must be bored.. thanks for laugh. guys like you is why et is such a piss of shit. worthless posts


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    by the way. your rumor.. the traders that get screwed out of there money will be the last to know if there firm is going under. why start this stupid fucking thread.. make sure you keep on eye on all the news wires. keep up the good work. paper trader

    05-20-11 04:25 AM
  5. hey newbie. i never post. however since your such a asshole i must reply. you never post anything positive. your thread is worthless. any prop firm going out of business is not good news if traders can lose money. maybe that is funny to you. your a joke. your just a ignorant piker that can't find his ass with both hands. guys like you make this site nothing more then entertainment these days. one day maybe you can post something of value. rather then crying like the bitch you are. how do you like me now.
  6. I still love you bro. Looks like you had a very bad day and you lost big time. I suggest you go back to paper trading till you get back again your confidence, another thing you can do is cut your trade size from current 100 shares to 10 shares and little by little you get your confidence back then you can size up again. If you just knew how to trade the way you know how to curse you would make size!:D :D
  7. you never post! ha ha you posted 351 times so far !:confused:

    And i guess you cursed more then 35000 times
  8. I just got another PM from a trader.He confirmed the rumor.He said the announcement will be out next week. I dont want to spread any rumor.I will Google and if any news will let you know.

    Thanks for the info
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