there is a party in CL everyday and u monkeys are trading ES then u wonder why u lose

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  1. market selection is the #1 most important rule of trading

    never trade dead, trendless, limp markets

    more volitility = more emotion = more inefficiency = more profits

    ES is okay for swing trades and huge trend days but to daytrade it every single day is just a waste
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    traded oil,when u win its great ,lose it aint, couldnt make money consistently,its for action junkies, i plan to trade it on the way down which may never come
  3. one CL trade today...:08 seconds profit $80.00
  4. 50_Bip


    Wow man, how do i get gains like that?

  5. its FOMC day everyday in some market

    for CL its every wednesday at least

    for ZN its everyday there is an economic data release

    stay away from limp markets that have no reason to move
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    Is there CL e-mini ?
  8. ammo


    ya, big is $1000 a point, mini is $100
  9. Mini (QM) is $500/pt. :)
  10. the worst thing a trader can do is "stalk" a paticular market whether its ES or their favorite stock, etc.

    u have to be flexible

    during a tulip bubble, u want to trade tulips

    during a tech bubble, trade tech stocks

    during a housing bubble, trade housing stocks

    during sideways grinding bull market, sell premo

    during an oil bubble, trade oil

    proper market selection + proper position sizing makes this game a whole lot easier

    don't be a stalker
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