There is a 'good' form of Islam

Discussion in 'Religion and Spirituality' started by jakejones, Oct 25, 2011.

  1. As we all know , Muslims are currently committing vile acts of terrorism across the world.

    But I think I have found a cool and peaceful form of Islam.

    It's called Sufi Islam and the Iranian Islamoscum terrorists have banned it.

    We need to ensure all countries liberated during the Arab Spring adopt Sufi Islam. If the leaderships of these Arab countries do not adopt Sufi Islam, they should be executed and buried at sea for crimes against Sufi Islam.

    Once we have bombed Iran back into the stone ages, we need to rid it of Shia islam and replace it by Sufi Islam.

    God bless America and Israel in the war on Shia and Sunni Islamic Terrorism.