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Discussion in 'Options' started by pattersb, Jun 28, 2006.

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    Anyone have an explanation for what just happened here:

    My 20 June 60 puts bought at .50 were just bought
    for $1 over the ask. Current Ask $1 ... executed at $2

    I had a GTC at $2 ... It was executed
  2. The trade will be busted, call your broker
  3. pattersb

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    How so?
  4. Because MAESTRO is an atheist
  5. pattersb

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    someone really, really f*cked up... or someone knows something BIG..

    there were some calls executed for $5 over the ask
  6. Any out of the market fills to your favor that might happened by mistake or credited to your account due to an error are subject to revision and possible bust. And ... there is GOD but he does not work on the floor.
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    let's just say, mum's the word.

    damn, .. doesn't seem right. When I F*ck Up ... I have NO RECOURSE.

    Such is life...

    I dont' know this stock is starting to move ... Someone may have bought all the outstandings out there for sale.
  8. So if it's too GOOD to be true...
  9. If done soon enough, it can be pulled.

  10. Yes you do.
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