There is a God, and He is Good

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  1. no, this doesn't belong on the religion thread, it actually belongs on the strategy thread.

    I figure, no matter how much math and statistics you are using, you always need to make some kind of an assumption. My idea is just to plug up that assumption with, "There is a God and He is Good."

    I can't prove it and you can't disprove it so to me that makes it valid enough.

    If it helps me put on better trades (or more likely hang on when things are going bad) I suppose it could work.

    But I'm thinking more in terms of starting from scratch, and the starting assumption of my system is, "There is a God, and He is Good."

    Now where do I go from there?
  2. Redneck


    Take that which you label God, and internalize it

    So your trading actions are always simple, pure, true, and beneficial

  3. You have the freedom of choice. Whatever choices you make have consequences either good or bad. Choose wisely. Amen
  4. Give me some of that oldtime religion!

    Before I was 21, I had assumed that God and good are the same word from multiple generations ago. Sometimes one can hear echoes of intelligence from many generations ago by observation and thinking.

    You make an assumption that "one always need to make some kind of an assumption. " I am not much for religion but spirituality is a different matter.

    I don't understand why in math and statistics, we need a spiritual answer to plug it. After all, the math and statistics is just our current day religion. In the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle maintenance, there is a great discussion on the "truth or reality of math". Proof and disprove are the same concept related to self-consistency and dilectic (discourse).

    In summary, math itself is simply a self-consistent reasoning system (like any religion), but not truth. Indeed not anything real at all, but a communication language between separate egos.

    To improve your trading, there are two roads to take. To paraphrase brother Atticus ... let's all hold hands and sing Kumbya


    study Zen and become good (God) and truth. To do that, you must first separate the two sides of all traders. Good luck. Once the journey starts it is hard to turn back.
  5. Brass


    Not quite. If I am not mistaken, a theory is only as good as it is falsifiable. If there is no mechanism by which you can attempt to disprove a theory, then it is not much of a theory. However, if a such a mechanism exists and you cannot falsify it, then you have a robust theory on your hands.

    However, as mindsets go, and in tune with your sentiment, perhaps you may wish to ponder the following:

    The most important question a person can ask is, "Is the Universe a friendly place?”
    ¯ Albert Einstein

  6. Brass, you got this man's thread sent to chit chat, shame on you:D