There goes the neighborhood

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  1. The sell side is trying to push portfolio protection?! NO WAY
  2. So you think this has no merit?
  3. From the article...

    "That is the lowest asset allocation level for stocks since at least 1985 and down from a long-term consensus weighting of 65 percent."

    That was, more or less, the start of the massive bull that ran for 10 years without barely an interruption, and fifteen years before finally rolling over.

    Not clear to me how that is a bearish indicator...
  4. I think there is a sucker born every minute.
  5. We'll see.
  6. Well, since I'm wrong, what is the right answer?
  7. The real question is: what would a muppet think?
  8. Still, no right answer? Anybody care to say what they know to be right instead of saying I'm wrong? Or do you even have a view?
  9. Of course, the people who talk shit on the internet must be smart. This is common knowledge after all.
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