There goes $1,000 out the window!

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  1. ** Announcing ’s March trading contest! **

    It’s quite simple!

    $1,000 cash will be awarded to the user who comes closet to taking all of the official trading signals for the month. No if’s, ands or buts…


    Have you been cherry picking trades? Taking only the losers and passing on the winning ones? Well this is your chance to show yourself and us that you can stick to a plan and make some money at the same time. Not only will you be rewarded with the prize money, but your diligent trading should pay off as well.

    $1,000 cash will be sent to our trading room user who’s up to this challenge!

    What do we mean by following the calls? That means if we show 5 trades on our daily track record, your broker execution statement should reflect 5 trades as well. ( track record page )

    These are the goals of this contest are ultimately:
    -Inspire traders to stick to a plan
    -To tech discipline in a competitive
    -Reward our users for being with us
    -And to have a bit of fun

    **You will be required to send a copy of your brokerage statement to Alex as your entry ballet. Feel free to block out any sensitive information such as account numbers and total balance.


    Please note: Overlapping signals such as MaxSpan, Gap & Dead Zone trades will be excluded from this contest. You need only worry about executing official calls that are called during normal trading hours. Trading signals should be followed as if you were a new trader. Trades should be taken as soon as they are called and exited when the exit alert text is called for “newbie” traders to exit their position. In the event of an exact tie, both users will be awarded $1000.00
  2. ssblack


    I won't be participating, but this is a good idea also to prove your credibility in terms of the validity of your trade signals.

    Kudos and best of luck.
  3. virgin


    I agree, the real stuff ! (Don't forget to set the window open):cool:
  4. yikes ... but what if those calls lose $2000 in that month
    for the subscriber who blindly follows the "puretick" pied pipers calls ?

    is he or she given back only a $1000 ? or is there a bonus pool?

    this is a silly idea in my opinion ... rather your top trader (s )
    should enter another firms "real time " contest with "real money"
    and come in the top 10 there

    whatever ... good luck ... hope you and your subcribers
    all make at least 1K each this month in "real trade" profits

  5. SethArb,

    Most of our newbie traders have problem with discipline and sticking to plans. They let fear keep them from entering good setups. Well it's highly unlikely that we'd lose in a month (but anything is possible). Thats never happened so far. We have a money back guarantee if we do.

    The money isn't a big deal. It's our hope that a contest will help motivate people to stick to their plans and create better traders over all. We've had a good feed back on it so far.

  6. seriously, its a clever idea. however, it seems practically impossible to complete. i'll be interested to see the posted statements and calls--- my guess is no one will be able to win. prove me wrong


  7. Well there 100% will be a winner. If we make 80 calls and the closest someone gets is 79 executions then they will win. It does not have to be 'exact'


  8. ok, understood. i thought it had to be exact---its just whoever is closest-- makes sense now.

    will you post the statements==ofcourse with names etc blocked out, and the call list?

  9. The trading calls are posted every day on our track record page at If the winner(s) don't mind their statements being posted, I have no problem with that.
  10. There's a money back guarantee on the cost of the trading room that month, not the actual loss incurred by the subscriber, correct?

    Is someone lost their shirt, not sure how much a 200 dollar credit will help, but I suppose it's better than nothing.

    Just wanted to clarify that money back guarantee b/c in the context of the thread, it almost sounded like it was against losses incurred.
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