there comes a time in trader's life, when instrument matters not

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  1. greetings to all, even Hapaboy and traderNik,

    I am moving to EU, and although they have internet over there (slighly more pricey) I won't be visiting ET because some fine people left and all that's left are guys (or maybe kids) like Hapaboy and TraderNik

    pun is intended :D

    but anyway I want to talk about my farewell topic, after years of trading you start to notice that every single instrument from futures to forex to stocks to god damn price of eggs in local store

    its all the same, all prices behave in very similar fashion assuming liquidity is there.

    I am sure new people will wonder about this statement and how it can be.

    after 8 years I relize that I can trade anything, it really doesn't matter.

    many guys will swear that forex is tough, the only thing that is tough about forex is the fact that its 24 hr, other than that, is actually in some ways easier.

    I love forex execution, with oanda, and what's not to love with high volatility.

    anywho, see ya all from Greece, well maybe.

    PS: nice property in greece dirt cheap, and I mean nice, some of you traders ought to look it up.

    people are friendly, food is good, I am not into their women but, I am sure they'll do

    oh and Hapa and Nik see ya you crazy wackos :)

  2. Trading from the islands would be sweet in the summer but how is the internet access in Greece?
  3. Funny, given the many markets one can trade, how so many settle upon forex . . .
  4. I still trade futures the most, but I am saying forex is ok too
  5. I am going to mainland almost beach front, not islands

    well islands to visit not to live, big price change for porp on islands

    internet access is great, this isn't mexico guys
  6. Yuck.

    I'm not that way myself (not that there is anything wrong with it I guess), but I have heard Greek men are "like that".

    I'm sure there are plenty of ET "guys" that can help you, tho.

    Good luck. :)
  7. screw you, I am straight
  8. I was in Crete for a week, a couple of years back, it is soo laid back, I mean soo laid back it isn't funny. Do the people actually work there! :p :D

    Seriously, when we were buying tickets to take the hoovercraft to Santori the lady was smoking more than looking for seats for us. I am not joking. They get a 2-3 hour lunch break too! The bus driver was smoking out the window while driving the bus. Did I mention the take alot of breaks and smoke there. Check out Hania if you go to Crete. It's just beautiful.

    Only bad thing about Greece is the BS plumbing. The want you to dump used tp in trash bins! That's what I call Yuck! I refused. I guess I am the American that took down their toilets! :D
  9. that must have been while ago

    things change, keep in mind islands are different from mainland

    and I'll check out Hania for sure
  10. I am surprised by your confidence with respect to the ability to deliver reliable internet services on time.

    A friend of mine was Telco manager for a major multinational a few years back and described some amazing nightmares over a few beers. The country and people were great though.

    Let us know how the internet goes after you've been there a bit?
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