There cannot be a recession now.

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  1. Bush outlined a $145 billion economic stimulus package. Bernanke is ready to drop the Fed rates. Congress is all gung ho about pushing up the economy. There cannot be a recession. All these fears are baseless in the face of reality. The possibility of recession in an election year is not only remote but nil. Most of you are fear mongers and shorts who have no perception of reality when it hits you in the face. Goldman sachs go eat crow.

    Get your shorts covered or get smoked out. You won't be able to rage an roil in a bear market either. There will be no bear market.
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    well already the month of january has made believers out of people. the last time january was this bad was 1932..

  3. Look forward not backwards. Have some optimism, bring some smiles and keep positive attitudes in tact when trading. Its a trait most successful traders have.

    If you are so dour and sunk you kill yourself too easily.
  4. 145 billions to save the economy is a joke.

    I bet Bush will spend more than that on Iraq in 3 to 6 months.
  5. Why is it a joke? That is lot of money more than the budget of small countries around the world. You guys sicken me with your depressed outlook !

    There are no silver bullets, be grateful what your Gummint does.

    What have you done to make things better?
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    Bloomberg TV said it was the worth start to the year ever yesterday.
  7. Who cares...the Range and Price Action are great.........Trade was the screen presents and let these moron debate over economy and recession....Good times. Do not over complicated the issues.
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    Stop drinking the Kool-aid. We're already in recession. Look around at every community and tell me were not. Manhattan is not the basis at which to judge the rest of the country's weakened economical state.
  9. You perception of reality is delusional. There is no recession and there won't be a recession period.
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