there can never be a trading system

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  1. Give up trying to find a Holy Grail. TS's are just lazy. Leanr to trade and make money
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    I have spent a lot of time developing trading strategies which work very well manually (>80% winners). And I have spent tens of thousands on having them programmed. They produced not nearly my results trading manually.

    I am still looking for the program or programmer to implement my strategies for automated trading.

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  3. Can't be done. Markets are always changing.
  4. Unless it is something very complicated I don't see why it couldn't be programmed . PM me if you are still interested .
  5. I respectfully disagree. You may be able to outperform your automated system by manually over-riding it's signals but there are other issues to consider.

    I use automation to monitor / enter / exit multiple markets, more than I could ever devote my full attention to in real time.

    And lazy, NO. I have spent countless hours fine tuning my strategies. That they may mean I "work less" during market hours than some, but that is just one measurement.
  6. the amazing thing is, that great wisdom didnt come with a :cool:

    a first for ET platitudes
  7. system traders want to lie on the beach and make millions. No system can work or long.
  8. I have 100% automated systems that have made money every year since i started trading them. Calendar years 2005, 2006,2007 and 2008 all highly profitable.

    They dont make money every month or every quarter but they make money 99 years out of a 100.

    The markets are always changing and they are always the same.
  9. And this is based on what? Thousands of hours of systematic testing? Or a few bad experiences?

    I agree that finding a good TS is difficult...much harder than vendors say. And even the best ones require you to sit through large drawdowns and/or flat periods--more than most people can take. But there are systems with good long-term performance spanning decades. They just aren't easy to find or design.

  10. Pretty impressive since 2005-2006 were the polar opposite of the current market climate--small ranges/volatility vs. the huge swings we're experiencing now.

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