There are two types of trends

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  1. (1) Trends known to have ended
    (2) Trends that no one knows when will end

    Trade against the one that has been proven dead.
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    That is the key. Now you just need a way to recognize the end of the trend. Typically market breadth and sentiment is the kicker.
  3. Add high climatic volume and big moves at the end and beginning of these phases.
  4. time cycle¡¡is the most useful tool to get the start and end of
    the trend.
  5. Yeah I actually use some of that myself.
  6. So guys, why don't you apply all of that information and tell me, are we going to new highs within two weeks?
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    What is a time cycle please

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    so you dont know what he is referring to.
    why dont you just say so.
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    Children, children, behave yourselves, sit down and review the last few posts and try to understand the lesson you all just flunked.

    The gist of the lesson is that new trader wannabes come into the game with all the answers because they read somewhere certain ducks must be lined up. That is saying the solution to trading is as easy as science where all the inputs are accurate and complete which creates exact results.

    Thats the hard lesson new traders have a hard time learning, if at all.

    Think of trading like getting married and you both are deeply in love, sex is still fantastic, the future is bright and nothing can stop you both from conquering the world.

    Then after actual marriage a few years you realize life is not as easy and you do not have all the answers, you start to notice her tits are drooping, she has more and more headaches when your boner is in full bloom. You are not as confident as before.

    Trading is the same way, when the answers you came into trading with prove useless you either change things or wither on the vine just like an unused woodie.
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