there are some good buys out there right now

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  1. Well I have been scanning my potential purchases for tomorrow and from what I can determine (i only trade 155 stocks) there seem to be some good buys.

    Intc, klac, imcl, jnj, etfc, orcl, rimm, and yhoo.

    I have to admit there were more shorts than longs but since we have been weak for a few days I am going with the longs unless something crazy happens.
  2. hg--take a look at the futures, asian markets--does the word contagion mean anythng to you?
  3. take a look at the hangseng and tell me that chart looks like its in trouble. I don't think so.

    I never worry about futures, and I don't care what other markets are doing. I never trade during the first 30 minutes of the market. I wait to see the flow of the market. Most of my buys are in the afternoon, and most of my shorts are in the morning. Just works out better that way.
  4. Yep, thats the chart. It's a beautiful chart.

    Why should I worry about anything? In the morning I will observe the flow of the market, and if that flow does not make any of my potential buys a good buy then I won't buy.
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    well you visited my thread its only fair I show up on your thd Holy Grail

    by the way, we know where the real holy grail is

    and also you'd be quite disappointed with the real thing

    its actually made out of wood :)
  6. Well, welcome to the thread. It's bluestreeks job to attempt to worry me. He has no clue you have already given the all clear buy signal. It is your job to convince him that you are an expert, as I have failed at my attempt to do so.
  7. I love buying free money no risk dips $$$
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    I think one of the problems with people is information overload

    I was there too, and it struck me that there is no way I want to exist in such a way where I am reading reports like a maniac and trying to extrapolate things

    for me only charts matter, news pisses me off
  9. I like the way you think!!!
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