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Discussion in 'Trading' started by dinoman, Mar 27, 2008.

  1. dinoman


    Bank of America is so f*cking stupid! I don't know about others on this board or that of those who have an account with them but...

    I am always on the ball with my finances as far as the whole picture!

    BOA has been nailing my credit record with inqueries like a desparate man without a ice pick.

    I don't get it since I owe them zilch. Capital One has also been hitting my credit record with inqueries too. COF has been straight forward with me though and I respect that, which I can't say the same for BOA.

    These guys used to hit my credit history every 3 months and now BOA hits it 3 times a month??? COF Hits it once a month.

    Something tells me BOA has alot more BS on their sheets than anyone expects.

    No, I am not short BOA and won't touch their stock, but this is insanity based on previous credit checking trends! I haven't seen this type of psychosis in credit checking in my lifetime!

    Although, I hate BOA to no end and and think they are as close to Hitler as far as trying to F*cking people I will dislose the fact that I had a credit account with them @ 9.9% and when they tryed to tell me it would jump to 34.90% I told them to go suck a you know what!

    If someone thinks this is a woaaaa is me story try to tell me why someone that has a 791 credit score is getting the pigeon hole when his balances are 99% of the time lower than 10% of his allowable credit line. My blance with BOA is now zero!

    Regardless of my thoughts this company is full of spineless back stabbing cock suckers which want to rape anyone they can!

    I hope this company goes belly up just to show them they are not God!

    I understand that a companies #1 objective is to be profitable, but by trying to destroy people (do to there own screw ups) who are in good standing is just rediculus and immoral!

    My best word for BOA... F*ck off and die for you are the lowest scum sucking whores and may you burn in hell!
  2. BAC funds illegals and their investment bank is a joke
  3. dinoman


    I am a citizen of NC (BAC headquarters) just to add and any of those spineless cock suckers that work for them and folllow this bullshit I hope they lose their jobs too!!!

    Yes, I did say it and mean it with every fiber of my body!
  4. I hate Bank of America too. They are the worst business of any type that I have ever dealt with.

    I hate all banks actually. I quit using banks in 1998 and just use Schwab.

  5. dinoman


    Schwab are schwindling cock dwindlers too, just not as bad as the rest of them!

    They took CyberTrader and turned it into shit!
  6. maxpi


    Just establish your credit and stiff them for about 50 large every 7 years, you will feel much better about them after that.. it's the same thing as Donald Trump does but small scale...
  7. Better yet convert your money into gold and bury it
  8. dinoman


    Yeah Donald Trump has made me a valuable man by issuing his BS companies. Short them into Bankrupty everytime he comes out! So far so good. It makes me laugh that this guy is so admired and everytime he goes public I make totes by shorting his dumb ass! That just shows you the short mindedness of this country. How many times has his BS ventures folded?

    Donald Trump should be paraded as the biggest worlds pimp artist on how pigeon hole the stupid peeps are. This guy is money in the pocket for the shorts! Sorry Donald, but you are money in the bank for people that see you as a failure which you are!

    You are a Pimp though because you sucker in the stupid to support your ever loving failures which have become complete gaurantees! I am riding you to zero as I always do.

    Good Luck you spineless beatch!
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