there are sick bastards in canada too.

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  1. 100 Sled Dogs Killed In British Columbia Due To Slump In Tourism

    The heinous slaughter of 100 dogs in British Columbia has revealed a "dirty secret" of the dog sled industry, according to CKNW.

    Following the 2010 Olympic Games, there was a slump in business at Outdoor Adventures Whistler. CBC News reports that an employee was ordered to kill 100 dogs from a pack of 300. The dogs were repeatedly shot and had their throats slashed before being dumped into a mass grave.
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    An "employee" eh? How do we know he wasn't really a left wing wacko with a BB gun and a pocket knife in his trunk? :)
  3. jem


    I do not get your point. Are you outraged by the killing of innocent dog lives.... what is your stance on abortion?
  4. Ricter


    No one cares about dogs when they are blobs of protoplasm in utero. These dogs were adult dogs.
  5. the same as gods would be if he existed. we know through scientific inquiry that over half of all zygotes are spontaniously aborted in nature.
    now if you are a bible thumper and you believe your god created man and set up the conditions he exists under then since god set up a system whereby up to 50% of fertilized eggs are naturally aborted you have to concede that god isnt to concerned about a few zygotes.
    this evidence is further bolstered by the fact that god himself used abortion in the bible. its simple logic if you free your mind and think a little bit.
  6. jem


    your logic does not hold. god may have set up the situation so that zygotes abort when the DNA does not combine to create the type of life God desires.

    But, I am not trying to get you to be pro life, I am trying to understand why you have no problem killing unwanted babies but not unwanted dogs? After all you would not want them growing up in a home that did not want them... right?
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    Exactly when do they become "adult" dogs. And is it at that point they become dog citizens? (I jest as i know you get my point.)
  8. i was always told in church that god was perfect and could not produce imperfect things? illogical?

    "Can an omnipotent God create a rock so big that he could not lift it? "
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    Of course I get your point, and of course that's where we're going to disagree on this topic. What is a person? what is human?

    Myself, I believe in "some kind" of creator (I know, I know, that's weak), but I also believe we're not persons until we have knowledge of our mortality--that's what separates us from the animals. That time is long past birth, but no, I wouldn't support abortion that late, lol. I think our society has found a very fair compromise.
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    1. I was pointing out the hypocrisy of caring about dogs but not humans.

    2. I notices you did not address that point.

    3. if you wish to make this a theological discussion.. I will take a guess for you. God allows the potential for sin. when adam and eve broke lose from his protection, we were essentially cut off from the juice. Over time our DNA became less than perfect.
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