There are more hardrives In The Chicago River Than Irishmen

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  1. In every ticker-listed free-market enterprise somewhere between the Acquisitions Department and the C.F.O.'s office sits a myriad-faceted terminal and hardwired telephony superstructure. The department, as such, is called the Discount Window.

    Behind the Discount Window, lending institutions and mogul investors -- based on press releases; tip-offs; syndicated news; sales and dividend projections -- list quotes on the terminal counter-offering lending interest rates for the new project. Stasis behind the Discount Window is a sure-fire Purchasing or Project Management miss. This, on its face, isn't buzz, or even an atmospheric resounding expose'. What is worthy to note are the trends emanating from behind the Discount Windows.

    Corporations are trading, en masse', borrowed money for Purchasing and loan pay-offs; which wouldn't be such a terrible idea if a) the newly lettered quasi-mathematicians were winning, and b) the business of war and defense contracts stimulated global economy as it had in the near but gone century. But they're not; and it's not. What we're to believe are qualified Quantitative Analysts are more and more upper-middle demoted executives in threat of being outsourced. What's more is that's it's been evidenced to me crunching my numbers forecasting trades they are using maligned accounting techniques in their trading arsenal; namely, cumulative rates. Under normal situations trading in block programs or arbitrage parities would land trades in near-enough proximity of the estimates. Here again, this isn't information your neighbor will ask you to keep in confidence while hoping for a systemic Aunt Maud gossip wildfire. The money used to trade being borrowed, or, rather, stolen, to the contrary, however, fingers on the touch-tone dialing pads to the pit or DOM trading programs are hesitant -- unsure, and the funds, illiquid to move the market -- at least in the intended direction. What makes this information more than provocative is the apparent insider pools on the other side of the trades with better-than-approximate resistance stops. The recipe makes for fun trading if you're shrewd enough; and ruin, though, if you're not.

    In the present-day uber-transnational, hyper-inflationary, politico-panglobal and economic disaster, where nearly each respective governments are bailing out said corporations and lending institutions, and its free-market workers are taking to the streets in their marketplace nexus and county seats in protest, more refined swing trading timing techniques need be explored if longevity is the goal. Else otherwise, now would be a good-a-time as any to streak the the country laying pearls around the necks of the ones you want while throwing your money around at the ones you don't.
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