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    Where is the administrator?
    All the threads of Grand's are controversial. One is calling for the crash, another one is calling for the rally. Some has been calling for months, yet it still haven't happened. And he keeps posting the web address of his blog in his thread, which shouldn't be allowed according to the regulation of ET. This guy should be banned from ET.
  2. a good laugh is not worth anything these days???
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    So we just let him do whatever he wants to do on ET?
  4. you're right, ban the effer :D
  5. TILT2,
    You seem rather upset.
    Is it because you remain long and don't know how to short ?

    GS 2011:
    'Reminder that SP500 monthly chart continues to give bearish warnings and USDX monthly chart continues to give bullish warnings. This big picture outlook will not change.'
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    No. It's not because I remain long and don't know how to short. Is my answer clear enough?
    Why you start to be upset when someone questions your threads(and I am not the only one)? Seriously, dude, you are gonna be responsible for your calls! Some of your calls has been there for months, and it hasn't happened yet!
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  8. he fits right in with the regulars
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    What are you suggesting? TILT2 is the only registered that I have ever used on ET, I can tell you.
  10. Grand_Stuper_Cycle has consistantly acted in this fashion for 17 months on this site. He remains thoroughly unaccountable for his calls and if you contest them he'll call you a troll, mentally unstable, or claim you are losing your shirt trading.

    In fall 2010, he was owned by the markets. In 2011, depending on his timing, he was probably somewhere near breakeven. For 2012, we can all look at the biggest correction in the markets at end of year and see if it can be called a "market crash". I think we might even know by end of this month, given that the worst of the Euro crisis is occurring now, lets see if North American markets can withstand this pressure.
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