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  1. Recently I got to go to a local Chamber luncheon and sat next to a couple of people who were looking for workers. Both offered decent if not excellent pay/benefits. One was a manager for a trucking company and the other a manager of a medical lab.

    Both said about the same thing: they had jobs but have trouble finding people to work. Failing the drug test and/or the background check eliminated over half the applicants.

    They and I agree that we have a growing class of unemployables.

  2. I know trucking company jobs generally require at least 2 years continuous previous job experience. If you have a gap in employment in the last 2 years, they generally do not hire you even if they are deperate because they cant break "policy"

    When I was younger I could talk almost anyone into giving me a job unless they had "policies" Speaking to those people are like speaking to robots. I think companies put policies like that in place to keep them from hiring transient people like me. :p
  3. The guy from the trucking company said he was looking for applicants that had a CDL+HAZMAT, pass the drug and background checks.

    He did not mention prior experience. He also said if they were willing to work hard and take OT, they could make $100K. Actually he was looking first for vets and second for recent HS grads who were willing to work hard.

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    Of course there are. Just like there are chairs when playing musical-chairs. But, perhaps the trucking industry is over-regulated?
  5. My daughter (22yo) works in fast food. She gets her news from different sources than me, different age viewpoint, etc. So I asked her, what she thinks of the occupy wall street protests.

    In general she presented a pessimitic outlook on the economy.

    I said "That's a fair assesment."

    Then I asked her if she hadn't read the news would her outlook be any different? But before I let her answer, I said "How's sales in the fast food business?" She said "Up" with a smile on her face.

    I remnded her she got two substantial raises this year, she said "yea". I also reminded her that she was also looking to work a second job, (which she had already applied for and was accepted) and I told her not to do it, which she didn't.

    Then I said, based on your real life situation as opposed to your perception, "How are things?" "You're paying the rent, buying your red bull, lottery tickets, etc"

    She works hard, follows the program. To me, this isn't complicated. I do not have to worry if she'll be a success in her life, she is on track.
  6. Passing a drug test eliminates about 2/3 of the entry level workforce. Background checks take out another chunk. Doesn't leave much. Far as trucking goes, most can't find an insurance company that will insure inexperienced drivers, least not at a rate they can live with.

  7. I don't know why am always surprised about drug use in the workforce when I used to find syringes in the mens room when I was running people. A recent conversation with a friend who was until recently floor manger for a small financial firm brought up the subject of drug use at work. He reckoned they would lose over 30% of staff from the bottom to the top if drug testing was mandatory.
  8. To get a HAZMAT CDL takes couple of years of experience, i think you need 5 years of Commercial driving to get a HAZMAT CDL.
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    Two thirds? WTF. Then these OWS kids are f*cked. LOL. Great.
  10. Something like 75% of the youth cannot meet requirements for the military. Too dumb, to fat, the private sector gets the rejects.
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