Theranos - fraud

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    to start with, she is at a head of a huge corporate scandal where she and the company lied for years to regulators, Walgreen, other investors, and patients that blood samples were analyzed with their technology when in reality the technology turned out a complete failure and most blood samples were analyzed the conventional way. She knew about it and should bear the main share of responsibility. Probably hard to prove how much she knew and what she did not know, I assume the prosecution needs more whistle blowers.

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    Essentially the whole operation was just a giant fraud, on top of which patients got harmed with incorrect lab results for their blood work.

    Crazy she is still not indited.
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    If you look and see who was on the board of Theranos then you'll understand why.
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    Hey, only one board member with connection to the law:

    "Mr. Boies served as Special Trial Counsel for the United States Department of Justice "
  6. Thanks. I was not following the saga.

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    Former board members were George Schultz, Henry Kissinger, Former Sen Sam Nunn, former Def Sec William Perry plus the VC's are big time connected. Boies is considered one of the top lawyers in the world.. She is big time protected.
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    I did see the board, so I guess a good example of different rules for different classes of people.
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