Theory of Americonomics of War and Profits.

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    'Be with us or against us', I can consider it as an 'hypothetical assumption' (for now) that empirically has been leaving no option to your nation's Strategic Foreign policy in the anarchic International system. I specifically have no issue with the Foreign Policy of USA, be it organized with 'Offensive Realism' or 'Defensive Realism', but the major issue that also wonders God is : 'How could the debt-oriented Uncle Sam manages to value more than US$ 14 trillions debt, of which much of those spending incur in to Corporations that lobby for War?'

    In 1961 farewell address, Late/Former Pres. of US D. Eisenhower highlighted about 'MIC'. And in this context, I've posted below two links that respectively report about top ten Companies that profit from greed-based economical Wall Street and the other on top 25 US defense Companies that margin up with abundant Profits.

    It's commonly and literally depicted by 'them' that 'Economic Liberalism sustainably prosper with less Government intervention' but still I could not comprehend the bemusing system of US Capitalism which also 'sporadically' organizes the chair for Keynesianism. Being thankful to the unconscious American public for paying taxes and taxes that are enabled for bail-outs and 'other' spendings, and probably getting carried away with the shit (so-called fourth estate of Democracy) which also serve the agenda of 'MIC'.
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    Uncle Sam liberally believes in 'Whatever mine is mine, Whatever yours is negotiable.'
  3. America has a big ego and huge overconfidence. The rest of the world buys our front... For now... But, that is starting to change.
  4. expect for the worst to come.
    americans were so easily fooled and poisoned, it has reached a point of no return.
    once you're dumb enough, you cannot improve your situation.

    two factors why americans love war and will cheer for everything which will make their country even worse: fluoride and sun avoidance.

    for some reasons americans love to ingest fluoride, its in water supply for 50+ years. its hyper toxic to the brain and pineal gland.

    instead of bathing in sunshine people now work in office buildings or schools, drive SUVs everywhere, hit the gym spend time on facebook in starbucks.

    You can tell literally everything to american people to justify any war. they will believe it and will be happy to pay any amount of $ to military industrial complex.
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    Don't call me 'a boy with corrupt mind' if in this context I am not sure whether many would be aware of or enjoyed seeing this ???

    USA anyhow had interest to join in the WWI. Despite of then Germans rigid call, Lusitania deliberately sailed. US made huge profits out of WWI and set its path for upcoming Global super-power status.

    And cannot ignore KKK if talking about 'great source of light, freedom' etc.
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    Reminded me of this which is thoroughly explained here

    Nation like China banned that fluoride you referred to in the year 2006. However, getting back to the point - here is a link explicating 'How war contracts are awarded?'
  7. actually most americans believe that their god created america just for them and they are destined to lead the world. you may as well accept it and just fall in line and do what you are told.

    "This century must be an American century," Romney said. "In an American century, America has the strongest economy and the strongest military in the world. God did not create this country to be a nation of followers."
  8. Doesn't Russia need to expand "westward" to absorb parts of "Eastern Europe?"
    Also, I believe they would be expanding in to Eastern Germany, since "East Germany" ceased to exist as a country back in the 90s.
  9. don't mess with other people's business.
    americans desire war, so they allocate huge money to it.
    china is OK with it, as they're happy to finance american way of living, receiving just pieces of papers in turn for their 12hrs a day, 500 million people work.
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    Its the 'manifest destiny' that has been corruptible to the US Constitution, and it is also polluting the financial budget of US. You may see here as to how the Chinese Prof. and students mock the spending budget of US

    I supposed US to employ Economic Liberalism but its a State of Hard Power Diplomacy. I learned NATO stands for North Atlantic Treaty Org. but it seems now that it stands for North American Terrorist Org. You can even realize that US allocates more 'war funds' to the NATO budget than followed by Euro's EU.
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