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  1. I'm working on a theory based on the 8/55 period MA crosses. Specifically buying when the 8 crosses the 55 going up, selling when it crosses going down. I'm still working on position sizing. Does anyone trade with a simple method such as this and could offer some advice on where I should take my method? Thanks in advance.
  2. Moving average crossovers tend to work well during smoothly trending markets. They don't work well with choppy markets. Under-trade at first and then gradually increase your position size as you become comfortable with it. That's all that can be said about it.
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    are these daily bars?
    how has it done historically? the latter question is most important to you.
  4. What security are you trading? What risk level? Are you using daily price data? How long are you willing to hold the position? How do you calculate position size?