Theories on how markets react after FOMC meeting tomorrow?

Discussion in 'Trading' started by Bugsy, Sep 15, 2020.

  1. Bugsy


    We already know that a no rate hike is already cooked into the current pricing. Any thoughts or predictions on what else might come out of the meeting that could sway the markets, and do you see them bouncing or dropping after?
  2. Overnight


    I can see some volatility if Powell shows up on his Zoom call with an unbuttoned white Chippendale shirt, the black bow-tie, and spiked choker with black policeman's cap. @S2007S (There S2000, there's a bit more creative thinking, lol!)
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  3. Bugsy


    Maybe if he dances. RIP to both of these guys btw.

  4. Overnight


    Seriously though, if there is absolutely no change in policy from the last minutes release, I suspect the market will keep on keeping on north and south in a star-step range though the month. New ATH? That would be nice, but hard to see that happening with the election elephant in the room.
  5. Bugsy


    That's what I'm thinking. Anything they pull out of Powell's words, hints, and mannerisms amounts to either sideways or down. There is no good news. Democrats are holding stimulus hostage with the election coming up, Fed will not raise rates, and uncertainty of who will be elected just compounds confusion. Local and State Democrat strongholds are willing to tank their economies by keeping businesses shuttered and people from working for their political agenda which doesn't exactly exude consumer confidence to go out and buy to help propel markets. At this point inflation is creeping in with the barrage of Quantitative Easing pumped into the economy by the Fed already. Whole things a mess.
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  6. SunTrader


    The Dems are as useless as .its on a bull but why is it that they are holding up the Stim?

    Takes two to tango. If Reps want to buy the election throw caution to the wind (just give a Chumpie a "heads-up" to apply SuperMaxHold in advance) . Munchkin even said now is not the time to think about the deficit
  7. Bugsy


    Democrats want a $3 trillion stimulus bill with $1.5(?) trillion of it going to social justice projects, museums, and other non Coronavirus related aspects. Republicans have $1.5(?) trillion bill and are not signing off on all of the extra bloat. Republicans tried to do a skinny emergency fund of like $500(?) Billion but Democrats refuse to come to the table.

    It's all political. Elections in 1 1/2 months and Democrats are not about to give Trump a win. If businesses and people are hurting, and the markets are hurting, they can point and blame Trump. I mean, you're destroying America and real people's jobs/ small businesses but yay party politics ftw. Problem for them is everybody knows its them holding up the bill and instigating the riots, as well as their actual base committing all the violence and damage in the riots.

    At this point it makes no sense to stall the stimulus. Its actually the one ray of light they could have.
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  8. SunTrader


    Come on. Enough with the wing nut talking points. Dems (far left ones) are doing the protests with some rioting. Not the Democrat party.

    Chumpie knows a good way to keep the rioting going though and has used it - strong arm tactics like all his dictator heroes use. Thinks it makes him strong, and the law and order type. Too bad many mock and laugh at him including a lot of former admin folks.

    But like I said it takes two to tango. If Chumpie wants a deal ("boy am I a dealmaker") he can have one. Of course Dems are turning the screw on him. McConnell did it 8 years to Pres Obama holding up judicial nominations. They both do it - to each other. Rinse repeat, the history of politics.
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  9. stepan7


    Whatever "theories" we come up with, market will do exact opposite :)
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  10. JSOP


    OMG! That is way too much information... :wtf: :D
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