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    Attention everybody,

    Especially those who are using Demo and are going to open Live account. Don't be so happy with Demo results, in Live account trades for the same portfolio looks different. I have live account here from 2007.02.26 and I will provide few examples where you can see that real trading is not so good like you can imagine using Demo or analyzing records of Past trades.
    In the attached file you will find snapshots made by me from my live account history and snapshots of past trades according FX-auto platform.

    Conclusion is that during period 2007.04.01-2007.04.18, live account P/L for portfolio of three pairs is lower more than 500pips comparing with declared results of FX-auto!

    In attached file you can see three types of mismatches:
    -in live account appears more trades than should be according fx-auto records. (first example)
    -in live account missing some trades (second and third examples)
    -in live account trade's opening-closing time differs from time in fx-auto records. Check second example with Quants-MP40, ticket 206213011 in live account. Difference between open times is almost 3 minutes (demo trade was opened 3 minutes later...slow servers or what?) and this time me lucky I won additional 8pips!:) But it doesn't matter, problem is that some trades are executed with precise of few seconds when other with huge difference. At this minute I dont have a proper example of it, but I promise I will make snapshots for such trades where execution is terrible and post.
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    It's interesting: where this delta (difference from test account and real one) goes to?
    This does not seem to be strange. I suppose the good profits shown are kind of 'what profit would I have if we make such operation at this time'
    Its sad. however, what to expect - no free lunch
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    Your balance has "+" or "-" ?

    If fxdd get signal from signal provider, so this is we see in demo and performance list, they get at yourself risk to transfer signal to real account. Or you pay 500$ for signals by missing trades.
  4. The difference may be that in a demo account, they are allowing the trades to go through into the market. When you go live, they are trading against your position, so you get lousy fills.
  5. it will take you 5-10 YEARS of hawd hawd work and eyesite to "get it" (if you ever do)

    if anyone can show away to shorten THIS learning curve please do. (too late for me but may help another)

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    There is no difference with real or demo trades, because trade has more that 10 pips and long time to live. If i have trouble to trade with one firm in 10 seconds, i can do trade with another firm. If i have signal i can try trade later, after 5 min. It is better that lose trades, because we are trade system and must do all that they say to as. ofcourse if we do some money and don't have any alternative, we just can say "thank you", but if we took money at trading system we must know what expect in future. So get money at forex is too hard, and if wee will lose signals we are get some different trading system, may be don't profitable. That is this is important.
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    Igor, do I understand you correct that there's no diffenece between demo and live accounts in FXauto? (of course, if we have same trading strategies). How long have you been trading with fx-auto? (if ever) - please give your opinions of them. Is it worth opening live account with them?

    Regards, Roman

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    In this situation no difference. They must have some trades on real and demo account. I just wait monday to listen opinion of fxdd official ( it is the law bossiness in real). I look at demo about several mounts, i have real account about 1 week( i don't have missed trades). I have experience at trading own strategies on demo and real. And i have experience on forex about 4 years, and i have experience at work forex broker about 3 years. And i know what problem of 80% is psychology of people: trader, brokers, directors. The normal in this business is some mistakes, to transfer money, doing trades, some small money loss... Do you understand me? because the real forex is real hard. If i say to you, yes you can trade with this firm, the next step i must say what you must use, and next step, and next... The traders in most cases have problem then it is deposit grown more that initial deposit, it is the signal, what it is firm will wait what all traders will lost his money!
    If i will have good experience about 3 month with trading of chosen systems i can say, yes, trade! Right now i go to risk, i explore this firm in this unique business use my money. This is paradigm of traders.

    I thing you want to spend about 10,000$ or more....
  9. I think these cases is apprehensible. In real account many times can not open a position because of the 'current price is changing'! So maybe the signal really come but can not open a position. But it is really strange that why live account appears 2 more trades than in demo account in the first case? This problem makes the FX_Auto and FXDD more doubtful! So many good results signal providers are being not trustful now! I think FX_Auto should add all the results in history performence, especially the results in live account!
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    The most problem of trading is for first look all is simple, and then you will see the hell of all small trouble, and spend and spend times and money to knows all it, in most cases it is problem of small money and brokers who want that all "traders" will lost his money. I know what MT4 has some different mode to work, "price changes" and open at market. In most cases some brokers firm open trades at market with some slippage, but don't requote. Requote is bad, because diller knows whose of side do you want to trade and hi can requote at his side, and get addition some 1 or more pips. It is his bread. And the diller and broker it is one firm, this is no traders problem. As i say it is only internal brokers problem. And it is his business.

    I work with ones firm and they change to me requotes to open at market and took 1 pips commision on deal. (pay to diller)
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