Theorcacy and Facism coming to America

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  1. Frank Zappa foretells the future and Ron Paul nails it down.
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    And it's making statements like that is why Ron Paul has no chance of being elected President by the vote of the people.
  3. You're right! Corporate America runs the show and anyone who speaks the truth in such a direct manner will be run out of town.
  4. Cappy, share you story.

    One day you switched a flip here and were suddenly claiming you're more left than right.

    I'm guessing something happened to you and your work life that changed your

  5. Nails it.
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    Frank zappa was wrong... but ron paul is 100% right.
  7. It's rather complicated and a little larger than that, but in a nutshell, yes. I'm still trying to get my head around it and my now love/hate relationship with capitalism, or what passes for capitalism in today's world. Kind of schizophrenic from day to day, as you've seen.
    Boil it all down and it's just a lesson in the life ain't fair classroom. I know, boo hoo, get over it. Give it time.
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    So, are you gonna tell us what happened? McDonalds wouldn't put a toy in your Happy Meal or what?
  9. How about a balance between the two, which is what America had until Reagan, the deification of Gordon Gecko, and all the rest of the nonsense that followed the ending of the cold war.

    The best time in America was when we had a balance between pure capitalism and pure socialism.

    Is it just a coincidence that the extremist capitalism we have today, was held in check when we were trying to show the world how well capitalism worked? Yes, like any other ism, when unbridled, it tends to trample those in its path.

  10. So I'm supposed to bare my soul here on the net? I'll give you the condensed version. Quite awhile back I started a business, (industrial construction and machinery repair), with a partner. Things went reasonably well for years and then in 2005 I got an offer I couldn't refuse so I left the business. All was well until 2008 when the economy collapsed, capital projects dried up, and I lost that job. Was out of work for a short time and eventually came back to the business I helped start. Kind of a consultant role. Major hit on the income. Trying to find something more appropriate has been a struggle. I'm one of those old guys that nobody wants, and it's a little late in the game for setbacks.
    Add to that, and actually contributing more to my anger, is watching a couple of close friends lose everything. These were good guys and while they lived a tad beyond their means, it ain't like they were one of the NINJA loan types.
    There are good people paying a real high price for the bullshit these game players did, and the one's who did it, both corporate and political, ain't suffering one bit.
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