Then came Ivy Bridge - E 12 cores!!!

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  1. Its coming and going to make you wish you waited...
  2. Ahhhh... expensive buying shit right when it hits.. plus you are the first reviewer
  3. I heard the release was pushed back to Q4 2013
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    you can never keep up with tech, hence why you go by what your requirements are in the end... besides, I saw a roadmap yesterday and there was nothing with 12C.. so while the E5-2600 v2 can go up to 12... they werent actually "printing" one yet.... so you are looking at 10C's for this year...
  5. Engineering samples are out. They are pretty decent CPUs. They are pretty hot and draw a decent amount of power but then again less than two x5600 series CPUs.
  6. You can use a gaggle of cores... but most of us can barely use 2.
  7. Backtests wiht 100 cores are great. But most people can use retail software that can use at least all cores for optimizations and backtests.

    So, that statement is crap.

    Personally I like our own inhouse grid software ;)
  8. Meaning what??

    Not up to the user, "how many cores are utilized"... up to the software.
  9. My entire personal infrastructure could sit on a decent single quad core with only 6-8gb of RAM. That includes Firewall, Active Directory server, one dataserver or NAS a machine for internet browsing, one for torrents and one for testing. It actually sits on a dual-quad-core server with only 7.5TBs of HDD and only 32GB of RAM. Pretty small.

    I do have clients however that I feel like they see it as a challenge to chew up CPUs and fill up hard drives just for fun.

    These new Ivy Bridge CPUs are great to play with however
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    Pretty tough to catch up with technology. Good thing about the new stuff is that it makes what was top of the line much cheaper, so mortals can afford it.
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