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  1. For many days to be precise.......

    "Mad World"

    Surface Underground version
  2. Was that song originally done by Corrosion of Conformity?
  3. tears for fears did the original
  4. With the 3-day weekend looming and trading volume down across the board, I would suggest . . .

    "Hot Time in The Summertime"

  5. "Oh, ho, ho it's magic, you know
    Never believe it's not so
    It's magic, you know
    Never believe it's not so."

    On the correlation between the markets and the economy.
  6. Ive got a few that are very differnet from each other so you might like one or the other...Enjoy

    Deep Forest-erotic dream
    Theivery Corporation-Lebanese Blonde/Shaolin satellite
    Heidi Kant - Bent swollen
    Machine Head-American High
    Moby-Volkswagon Jetta commercial
  7. while the earth sleeps -peter gabriel or of course the old sleghammer or big time for ultimate cheese. lets dance by david bowie, and for inspiration walking on the moon by the police...
  8. KevR1025


    Check out the Gary Jules version of Mad World- very folksy.
  9. chop suey and especially toxicity by system of a down, also victory by diddys an old favourite, as well holiday by greenday. there literally thousands of tracks like that.
  10. wonderboy by tenacious d, train or utopia by goldfrapp, weapon of choice by fatboy slim, believe by the chemical brothers, blood rave from blade soundtrack, afrodiziak by bran van 3000
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