Them god damn criminal Palestinians!

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  1. A bit off topic but:

    Israel reports jump in Jerusalem Arabs seeking Israeli citizenship

    The number of East Jerusalem residents seeking Israeli citizenship has risen sharply in recent months, an Israeli official said Wednesday, as talk of a possible re-division of the city gains momentum.

    The Interior Ministry has received hundreds of applications for citizenship from Arab residents of East Jerusalem over the past few months, instead of the average of several dozen, said ministry spokeswoman Sabine Hadad.

    The trend appears to stem from Palestinian fears that they could lose Israeli social benefits, such as health care or welfare payments, if their neighborhoods are shifted to Palestinian control in the future.

  2. Hmmmmmmmmm...Let me see! Standing on israeli check points for ten hours (literally) watching my wife give birth to a still born baby, having access to my work, to hospitals, to schools, being able to buy my own land, my own house and being able to fix them when I want to. Or being able to live outside of the cage called "my town, village or refugee camp" orrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr....Saying no to an Israeli citizenship.

    Tough choice dddooo! Give me few days to think about it!
  3. Nah wael, come on, trying to muddy the waters again? You're not fooling anyone. These East Jerusalem Arabs don't want to become citizens of Hamastan, they are applying to become Israelis. And yeah, they are indeed collecting Israeli welfare and using superior and free Israeli healthcare system.
  5. Israeli welfare = USA welfare

    we want our tax money back.
  6. You are funny dddooo! So you want to tell me that all of the points that I mentioned are invalid??? Oh I keep forgetting that you and us share the same roads and highways, have the same access to the outside world and have the same right not to be sniped by an israeli bored soldier.

    Hilarious! No cigars though.

    :D :D
  8. First of all they are completely irrelevant, they are not the reason E.Jerusalem arabs want Israeli citizenship. And on top of that your points were in fact invalid:

    Instead, they (E.Jerusalem arabs) were given the status of permanent residents, holding Israeli ID cards and making them eligible for many benefits enjoyed by Israelis. In contrast to West Bank Palestinians, permanent residents also enjoy freedom of movement in Israel.
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