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  2. This is why democrats can never win when it comes to republicans.If they take from one program to fund another Fox News complains.If they had added to the deficit to pay for the program Fox news would still complain.
  3. It's called a kleptocracy. And it's based on kleptonomics.
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    Bullshit, Obama and the dems come out all the time saying they are out there looking out for the little guy then they go out and cancel poor peoples food stamps so that they can pay wages for a bunch of union thugs who will vote 100% democratic, I guess the dems need the votes just a little more then the poor people need the food stamps.

    The dems have no interest in helping out poor people and situations like this just prove it time and time again, they are interested only in helping out government employees period.

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    This just sounds like politicians in general to me. Well, successful politicians. The idealistic ones, libertarian, environmental, consumer, etc. simply can't get into power.
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    Actually yeah your right they are all thieves, every last one of them, thats why i dont want them in my life, or running an ever larger government, im hoping this time will be different and republicans got the message if we take over in the fall, but i wont hold my breath. With that said this has to be one of the all time lowest moves, as if its not bad enough to soak everyone else, but when they cut food stamps to pay for a bunch of teachers bloated salaries something is seriously wrong.
  7. democrats have a heirarchy. Homos at the top, then unions(beginning with teachers, then other government unions, finally private sector unions), blacks, muslims, hispanics (if illegal), university professors and employees, marxists, media celebs(if liberal), other government workers ( if liberal) and environuts. Every one else can bend over and grab ankles.
  8. Dems help the little guy much more then republicans do.
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    Not even close, you guys seem to have this misconception that it helps people to give them handouts, the handouts that they give to poor people keep them poor, and the handouts are really just an excuse for dems to tax the ever loving shit out of business so they can get the money flowing to the people they are really trying to help, Government employees.

    I would have thought it would be fairly obvious who the dems are really trying to help when they cut money for food stamps in order to pay off beaurecrats.

    Republicans create jobs in the private sector, so that instead of being a leech, a person has an opportunity to become a productive member of society. Feed a man a fish and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish and he will eat for life, or something like that....

    Come back and talk to me 6 months from now when the economy crashes again and we will see just how much the dems helped the little guy, no need to worry, even though hundreds of thousands more people will have lost their jobs due to obamacare, they will have free healthcare! They wont be able to afford to eat, and the dems just screwed them out of food stamps but they will get their free healthcare.

  10. I dont believe in handouts.I am against welfare,free rent,long term unemployment etc for able bodied individuals

    I am against these government employees with better pay and benefits then private sector employees

    I am a strong believer in affordable health care for any working american

    I supported and voted for Obama for 2 reasons,healthcare and less war. I was scared McCain might start World War 3 or McCain might die leaving Palin as president
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