The YOUTHS strike again in Dallas: mob robbery of convenience store

Discussion in 'Politics' started by Artful D0dger, Sep 9, 2011.

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  2. In other breaking news.....

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  3. Larson

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    Tough situation for the man trying to do his job. Then the store is invaded by parasites and other undesirables. I guess you could toss a couple of tear gas canisters and run out of the store. He is lucky one of the hooligans didn't pull out a gun and start firing. You couldn't pay me enough money to work in a store like this in a large city with parasites and other various wildlife running loose. I would not be surprised once deficit reduction is implemented ( and it will be implemented), drains on society such as this will riot en masse.
  4. I'd really just appreciate some honesty from the media in terms of describing these incidents as what they are: racial violence. The stunning lack of coverage in national media is also pretty insulting, it's almost as bad as the Paul-gate. We know good and well that if these were white mobs attacking minorities, that it would be spammed across national media, and there would be calls to "unite against hate".
  5. Larson

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    In a nation of "guilty-whitey" and PC stupidity, what can you expect.
  6. Ricter


    If you get what you want that's what we'll have.
  7. News like this in the media is imflamatory, really wouldn't serve any purpose. If you rounded up everyone of them, they'd tell you they was "Just playin".
  8. "Just playin'" = Theft and Assault. Is that what passes for fun in a predominantly black mob of youths?

    Perhaps Quick-E Mart clerks should have an AK-47 handy. Kill about 20 of the bastards one time and perhaps the others would have second thoughts about what they are about to do.
  9. Is that supposed to be some kind of libtarded "justification" for PC and media dishonesty?
  10. Ricter


    I wasn't talking to you, Shitforbrains.

    : )
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