The 'You Can't Be Serious Files:' If You Live In Tampa, No New Credit Card For You

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    Tuesday, May 05, 2009

    Credit Card Lending Goes Full Cycle

    Here is an interesting email from "Scott" who was denied a credit card from Capital One, on the basis of "worsening economic conditions" in his area. "Scott" says he has a FICO score of 800. From Scott .....

    Hey Mike,

    I attempted to sign up for a new rewards style card from Capitol One. A few days prior I got my FICO score which is 800, with no balances. Capitol One denied me online, and said they'd send a mail as to why.

    A few days back I got their response:

    "Based on the application information for Scott E*******, there are worsening economic conditions in your area."

    They also state that, "We did not request a copy of your credit file and therefore no inquiry will be placed on your credit report."

    There you have it, a credit worthy borrower denied credit just because I live in Tampa.



    One case does not a trend make, but redlining appears to be back in vogue. We have gone from redlining to reverse redlining (seeking out the worst possible credit risks after the Bankruptcy Reform Act of 2005), back to redlining in front of new card rule changes from Congress.

    Mike "Mish" Shedlock
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    Redlining is an excellent way to predict things. I knew an attorney, you could tell him the zip code and the type of case and he could predict outcomes with uncanny accuracy...