The Yen Carry is Perfectly Correlated with the Stock Markets (even--intraDAY!!!)

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  1. Whoever has access to this vehicle decides market direction for the day, hour, 30 minutes, and 5 minute time frames. The Dow goes up, short the Yen, the Dow goes down, go long the Yen!!!

    Wonder how many WS Computers are directly linked to both Financial Instruments simultaneously because the real time correlations are basically instantaneous, even on a two minute time frame:)
  2. So how do you profit from it then? Why not just play the indexes?
  3. This has been the case now for weeks. Perhaps months. If you're an east coast trader, check S+P Futures in the morning. if they're up, go north on the yen crosses. If they're down, go long yen.

    It's been very easy as of late.
  4. It has gotten to the point, where I don`t need to know how much the Dow is up or down, I can just look at the Yen/Us, and tell if we are up 100, 150, 200 points. It has become the REAL OPEN MARKET REPOSITORY OF FINANCIAL LENDING EACH DAY OF TRADING:)
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    I have noticed the same pattern day in and day out, its amazing you dont here much about the correlation between the 2, its been going on for quite sometime.

  6. Shhhhhhh..
  7. Ivanovich,

    If S&P futrs are up, it doesnt mean they'll stay up, and thus you can get tapped out on the yen trade. Am I wrong here?
  8. More wise words from you today, sir. :D

    I've been profitting very well from this.
  9. it helps if you've traded yen multiple sleepless nights. =)
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    I watch FXY each day and 99% of the time when it is rising the markets are selling off and vice a versa.
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