The Year is half done. Grade yourself.

Discussion in 'Trading' started by seasideheights, Jun 29, 2007.

  1. Today marks the end of the first half of the trading year of 2007.

    Add up your gains & multiply by 2 to get your annualized gains.

    Did you do BETTER than you hoped, AS WELL as you hoped, or WORSE than you hoped?

    I did as well as I had hoped.
  2. qll


    i expected to earn 60% a year, so i can have 10 folds in 5 years. last year, i made 100%, this half year, i made 100%, so i am well ahead of my schedule. i only have 1 down month this year which is june. the loss in june is less than the gain in may, so i didn't have much drawdown.
  3. I lost 4.8% so far this year :(
  4. (cough cough) tell ya about the FIG I bought. Need I say more? Trashed my 22% to about even at this point.
  5. Hedge22


    I am right about on pace for my goal, but i missed a few opportunities and made a few dumb mistakes, so i am give myself a a poor grade for the first half. In an environment like we have had I should have done better.
  6. I'm up 30.77% for the year, but really pulled it out of my a** in June with a 17% month. Coincidentally, June's the first month I was able to trade every single day and follow all my rules. My goal is for 100% for the year, so I'm behind, but content. Hopefully less of 'life' will get in the way during the second half.
  7. i am down %50 percent due to 1 major draw down
    Let hope for the next 6 month best of luck