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  1. Greetings ET Traders

    My name is WTF and I'm a future's daytrader.


    Daytrading is my sole fountain of income and I have been at this for nearly a decade, consistently profitable for nearly half that time.


    I'm predominantly, a price action trader, I do not believe in indicators, I consider them worthless, perhaps I never learned how to use them. Don't know don't care.

    I only trade support and resistance and as I develop the journal I will describe my reasons for entry and exit.


    This will be my public journal, not to teach, but to inspire.

    Should be fun,

  2. July 10th, 2008

    Fairly indecisive usually I let my winners run for a stretch but the price action did not merit it today, perhaps next time.

  3. mekas


    Welcome WTF. I look forward to your journal.
  4. opm8


    Welcome, WTF. Your reputation precedes you -- looking forward to your charts.

  5. Great journal WTF. Looking forward to it.
  6. WTF? WTF

    I can't figure out what you're saying with that chart. Are you shorting on red arrows and going long on blue arrows? Or vice versa? Or something else?

    Can you be a bit more explicit in explaining your methods of taking trades?
  7. Hi WTF. I like your trading style. Look foward to the journal!
  8. If the trade initiated is a short the first arrow will be red, if it's a long the arrow will be blue.

    The corresponding sell will be red, the corresponding cover will be blue.

    I don't scale out, if I scale in, it will be noted.

    The method for the posted day was explained in the text notes. If you did not understand, I suggest a second read, but I'm pretty sure it's there.

    Posting for me is already a hassle so I will limit most replies to new journal entries.

    I trade 20 hours a day and barely got time for this but I owe a dear friend and promised I would give it a shot, for reasons I can barely understand.

    I warn you all, I'm cranky, impatient, intolerant and got no time to waste, I suggest you let me be and just read unless there is an obvious mistake caused from sleep deprivation.

  9. Hi WTF trader.

    Great to know that you have been trading for a decade and you use only S/R levels and you don't use indicators.

    Looking forward towards your journal.

  10. 20 hours a day? That's nuts!

    Sorry to indulge your short patience, but if I understand your chart correctly, today you had in sequential order:



    With that, I won't bother you until you post another chart (and only if I need clarification at that time).

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