The worst worst beat ever...

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  1. Ok folks, you have all seen and heard of bad beats right?

    Well, I have what has got to be the worst bad beat story of all time!

    Here it is:

    (thank god it wasn't me!)

    First, let me start by saying that this particular casino had a bad beat jackpot well in excess of $10,000. So with that said, I am sure you are wondering, what the heck is so wrong with losing a $100 pot when you win over $10 grand right? well read on...

    A guy is playing in a $10/20 limit hold em game. He is on the button with Ac-Ad. Everyone folds to him. He raises. Both the SB and BB call him. Flop comes down As-Ah-9s. Wow! What a dream flop. Our hero has flopped quad aces!. The SB (small blind) checks. The BB bets. Our hero just smooth calls and the SB calls. The turn is the Js. The SB bets. The BB raises. Our hero is thinking wow, this is awesome. Hero 3 bets it, it gets capped and all call. River is the 10s. Capped betting on the river. Our hero suspects that someone might have made a straight or flush, but he doesn't care, cuz he has a monster, quad aces! and heck, even if someone has a straight flush, EVEN BETTER! he wins the jackpot!! ..the sb turns over 7s8s...holy crap...a straight flush...(7s-8s)-9s-10s-Js...but...the BB turns over the Qs-Ks for Royal Flush! yes.....10s-Js-(Qs-Ks)-As...

    So...our hero with the flopped quad aces not only loses what has to be the worst bad beat of all time, but he nails it down as the ABSOLUTE WORST BAD BEAT EVER because he loses the bad beat jackpot too!

    Is this the most incredible bad beat story you have ever heard or what>?>??????????
  2. I dont think it gets any worse :)
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    nice one!
  4. Our hero, with his AA, on the flop had a 99.67% chance of winning the hand. The guy with 7-8 had a .22% of winning, and the Q-K had a slightly less chance with .11%!

    FYI: If you are a 99.67% chance of winning, you will win approximately 299/300 times, or only lose 1 time in 300!

  5. The guy who invented Coca Cola sold it for $500...
  6. Ok, maybe it does!

    Also, didnt the native Americans sell Manhattan for some beads and trinkets? That wasnt such a good deal either :D

  7. And didn't Colonel Sanders sell out for a song and part of the deal was he went around advertising KFC for nothing for the rest of his life?
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    I wonder what the odds are of those three hands coming up in the same hand? Where did this happen?
  10. supposedly it happened in Atlantic City.

    Another bad beat story I heard of, with even more money lost:

    Two people in a 75/150 stud game.

    One woman(our hero) has made quad queens by 6th street.

    The other guy has a board showing K-K-3-3

    One player has folded a K on 3rd street.

    So they start betting, and raising, and re-raising each other.

    After about the 6th raise, the other guy(who had Kings full) says to the woman "do you wanna just make it $5000 to save some time putting all the money in the pot?"

    The woman, knowing she has the absolute nuts, says sure.

    As soon as she says this, the dealer mucks the rest of the deck thinking for some stupid reason that the hand is over.

    Immediately both players yell out "whoa! what are you doing? we are still playing"

    The floor comes over and says they have to take shuffle the muck with the deck because its all mixed together.

    And, of course, you can probrably guess what happens. Yes, the case K is dealt to the other guy!

    This story is so incredibly bad that is almost seems impossible to have happened, but the story has been floating around for a while.

    Guess we need mythbusters on this case!
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