the WORST time to trade

Discussion in 'Forex' started by increasenow, Dec 1, 2009.

  1. the WORST time to trade

    I am going to say from 3:00pm EST, USA to 7:00pm EST, USA...

    Why? Asia is sleeping...Europe is closed and USA is 7:00pm EST Asia is AWAKE and moves are happening in AUD/USD and USD/JPY...thoughts? comments? insights?
  2. ....when I'm drunk....hic...[​IMG]

    So anyway, about this leverage thing....

  3. I am so close to starting a forex thread of my own here:

    "Bang! Road to Ruin High Energy Inkynowstyle FX trading"

    I have a little sandbox account I like to play in from time to time with about $500 or so in it. I figure I'll go for broke on each trade and see how long it takes me to be as broke as Inkynow
  4. LOL

    the worst time to trade forex is 3pm to 7pm and 7pm to 3 pm :D