The worst part about trading...

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  1. Is it me, or is the absolute worst part of trading dealing with all the software and data bullshit?

    I feel like I'm constantly fighting an uphill battle with this crap...if it's not some bug in the software, it's the data....unbelievable - it's like all the programmers are smoking crack instead of talking to traders about what they need..
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    Get a bloomberg!
  3. Worse part about trading: LOSSES!:mad:
  4. Commissions
  5. Bung...I know what you mean. I have helped with designing trading software for my firm for about 2 years...I'll take notes, interveiw traders..etc etc..But when the program actually, comes out, its got nothing we wanted. You have to wonder where they are doign their programming. It takes long tiem for any of the wish-list items to appear in the software. If they would just listen to the traders - not programmers - and implement those features, the software would be so much more trader-freidnly and much more useful. Blame the idiotic powers-that-be.
  6. Write your own then. Some of the software I was using was lacking so I wrote my own stuff. Not too mention an excel spreadsheet can probably do a vast majority of these charts and you can plug in your own custom formulas.
  7. bungrider,

    Yea, as if this wasn't hard enough... them come data problems, software, hardware and just pushing the wrong damn button!

    I use the following to keep my trading platform online:

    T1 data
    backup DSL (with a different ISP)

    2 separate trading workstations

    QCharts for backup
    Tradestation for extra backup

    1400 VA UPS for power outages
  8. This is the reason I sleep in late on any Tuesday following a federal holiday Monday. It seems the gremlins have an extra day to really mess things up.
  9. Seems like 'professionalism' is pretty well evaporating from all sorts of professions of late. Everyone's too casual about everything.

    The floor says, 'stock ahead plus matches,' or 'nothing done.' The support desk says, 'it's your ISP.' The police say, 'you're wrong.' The Dr. fills out a child abuse report if you take your child in for a scratch. People don't know how to say, 'I don't know,' so they make up an answer.

    Ever wonder why that is?

    Fight the Good Fight, my friend.
  10. Can you post a link about this thing...and how would I decide what a good one is. Note, I'm in the lightning capital of the world.
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